It begins! This podcast is the first of many that serves as an extension of the topics and themes I cover in my yoga classes, with individual clients, and beyond.

These last two weeks have been dedicated to cultivating Belly Magick <3.  Connecting to power that is found within our belly, our pelvis, and- as this podcast explores, our Svadhisthana Chakra. It also includes a guided meditation that is an extended and more in-depth version of the one I offered in a recent class.

Many indigenous healing traditions across the globe honor the place between the belly button and pubic bone as a powerful source of energy- Curanderismo and Qigong are two examples. ( I highly encourage you to investigate any such beliefs in your own spiritual or blood lineages!)

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In the practice of Yoga, this place is recognized as the location of our Svadhisthana Chakra. Here, we find the seat of our creativity, sexuality, self acceptance, and a primordial connection to the world around us through sensual desires for sex, food, and pleasure. Here, is an energetic life force that is vibrant like the sun and fluid like water. It needs a regular practice of creating space, movement, and reverence.

If the Svadhisthana chakra is out of balance, it can manifest in the forms of irregular menstruation, infertility, unhealthy relationship with sex and power, sensations of feeling “stuck” or “uninspired,” over-attachment to routine and addiction to feelings of control, eating disorders, constant uncertainty and self-doubt, chronic lack of energy, and more.

When this chakra is in balance, we can experience a sense of vibrancy. A strong connection to our creative selves, our sensual selves, an openness and healthy connection to others, and a faith in ourselves that is so strong- it overshadows the fears that cause us to cling so desperately to false notions of control.

by Georgia O’Keefe

This limitless potential is why it is important to do this work. We are powerful. We are sensual. We deserve pleasure, passion, and joy. We deserve balance.

Click here to listen to the Guided Meditation <3


<3 Resources <3

*In this episode, I mention as a great resource for learning more about the Svadhisthana Chakra.

*Also, here is a GREAT class by one of my yoga crushes Yoga with Adrienne.  She leads you through a 19min gentle yoga sequence that creates some movement and space within the belly and hips.  Great for beginners and continuing on this Belly Magick theme


For those who went through the guided meditation, please share any images, symbols, or experiences you had!